Sony's new FS700

Monday, April 2, 2012

It seems just a while ago the new Sony FS-100 was being announced. This was a great new camera for DSLR shooters because it had the benefits of shooting on a DSLR without the problems they have. Now Sony is announcing the Sony NEX-FS700.

What makes me so excited is that it is going to be able to shoot 4K in the future, shoots ultra slow motion (120 and 240 fps) at 1080p and even more intense slow motion (480 and 960 fps) at a lower resoultion.

Oh - and it only costs $8,000. Compared to the $15,000 Canon C300 - it seems like the FS700 will be better in almost every aspect. The one thing that I would want to know before buying it would be the low light capabilities. I shoot a lot of concerts and weddings (which their receptions are notorious for bad lighting). The C300 has already proven to be an amazing low light camera - being able to film at ISO 12,000 and still be presentable. I think if the Sony FS700 has low light capabilities just as good they will have effectively killed any chance the C300 had as being a popular camera.


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