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Monday, April 2, 2012

For my youtube series Awkward Moments In Life I am fortunate enough to have google adsense enabled on my videos. What does that mean? It means that for the ads that appear on my youtube videos I am able to earn a portion of the money that these companies pay google to be on these videos.

A lot of times people ask me how I did it and how they are able to get signed up for google adsense for their youtube videos. Well here is what I did.

When I started making my videos I would put in their descriptions, "On this episode of Awkward Moments In Life we see..." I think that Google would see that and notice that this isn't just a funny video I posted once but something that I plan on making on a regular basis.

Next I would always post links to the facebook page and twitter account. Google would see this and see that I was dedicated to using a wide range of social media.

The final thing was that all of my videos started with a title slate that branded them as part of my series.

These were the things that I did in the beginning and a few were by accident. However if I was to start another youtube series I would still do all of these so that I could start getting my youtube videos monetized as fast as I can.


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