Seattle Part 7 - Banyan Branch

Monday, April 2, 2012

Out last visit of our second day was to Banyan Branch. Overall this was the coolest place that we visited.

Banyan Branch is an integrated Social Media Agency. They have been around for only a few years but have already established themselves as leaders in Social Media Marketing.

In the back of their offices they have a wall that holds about 20 large TV's that are displaying trends, topics, graphs, tweets - and it is all in real time. Not only that but their software tracks everything that is being said and how it relates to their clients. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they found this blog post about them. If so and they are reading this I would like to say, "Thanks for the visit."

What I got out of visiting them is how they were able to make money off of social media and how they were able to help companies use it not so much as another way to make money but as a tool to interact with their customers.


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