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Monday, April 2, 2012

This past month I was running contests on both my facebook and twitter accounts for my youtube series Awkward Moments In Life.

After researching how to properly do them I learned a lot about not only social media contests but social media.

Facebook Contest
The first thing I learned about facebook contests is that I couldn't just post on my wall "Share this link to my contest and you are entered in to win a $50 amazon gift card." All contests had to be separated from facebook. In order to do this I had to run an app on my facebook page. I decided to go with North Social because of the free 14 day trial plus the low cost to run it afterwards. Although I really liked their app I found that their services are more directed at companies that would have a fully integrated social media platform instead of me who just needs a contest.

Twitter Contest
The twitter rules were less strict. I just had to tweet something and ask people to retweet it. It was pretty simple but I only had 10 people enter - so it ended up not being that effective.

All in all my facebook likes went from aroun 50 to 230 at the end of the contest. I plan on running the facebook contest again in the future and here is what I plan on doing differently:

  • Use a service that makes it so people share that they entered the contest on their facebook wall
  • Create a facebook event with all of the information on the site
  • Use different means of entering. Maybe an awkward photo contest or let people vote on who has the most awkward contest


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