Seattle Part 1 - Highstreet Advertising

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This last week I went on a school sponsored internship trip to Seattle to visit companies in the area. We visited a wide range of companies that work in Advertising, PR, and Digital Filmmaking. Over the next days I am going to spotlight each company we went to and what I learned from them.

Highstreet Advertising was the first company that we went to. Located south of Seattle in a town called Puyallup it is a small advertising agency. It was run by two people with the help of an intern (who is one of my good friends). What amazed me most about this company was the amount of work that they were able to get done as such a small operation. Their latest project – 22 videos of kids talking about their school. As someone who does video I was impressed. Oh – and the videos were in Chinese so I was even more impressed. The two people who worked their and the intern all wore many different hats and seemed to work well together.

Key Points I learned about advertising
-Teamwork is a must
-Team size doesn’t matter
-Know everything –but make sure you specialize in something


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