Monday, March 26, 2012

Ever wondered how influential you are with social media. Ever wonder if what you say actually gets through to people. Ever wonder if you are more popular than your friends?

Well Klout can help you out with all of those, well except the last one. Klout is a website that measures your influence on social media by giving you a klout score (mine is staying around a 54).

So big deal - why does it matter? For companies looking to broaden their reach they can see three different things:
  1. True Reach
  2. Amplification
  3. Network
With these you get real numbers about how many people you reach on average, how likely it is that it will get re posted and how many people are in your solid network.

The other perk to using Klout is it's perks. Companies go to Klout in search of people who are influential about certain topics to help spread the word about their product. Early screenings of movies, free products, trips to Seattle. The key is that you have to be influential. Right now I am just below the Klout score needed to get something good but I have gotten Axe hair gel (worked great but I prefer pomade), access to websites like www.wahooley.com and gift cards to new online stores.

If you are using social media in anyway outside of connecting with friends you should sign up for Klout.


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