Seattle Part 5 - Creature

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photo from Dennis Archer

This last week I went on a school sponsored internship trip to Seattle to visit companies in the area. We visited a wide range of companies that work in Advertising, PR, and Digital Filmmaking. Over the next days I am going to spotlight each company we went to and what I learned from them.

The next place that I visited on my trip to Seattle was to Creature, the most creative advertising agency we went to in Seattle. We met with Pat Horn, one of the creative directors at Creature.
He explained to us the process that Creature goes through when working with a client. It goes like this:

  1. Make a client briefe
  2. Bring the brief to client services
  3. Take it to both the strategy and creative departments
  4. They make a one page creative brief 
  5. The produce the media
Overall I learned a lot from creature. The major thing was to think outside of the box for advertising. My favorite campaign they did was  the Starbucks red cup campaign. This consisted of magnet Starbucks cups they would put on the top of the roof of taxis. When people would see these taxis drivin around with this cup of coffee on the roof and stop them they would get a $5 giftcard. 

My favorite part of the meeting was seeing a commercial they were working on. Creature focuses on creating creative but strategically power advertising.

Key points I learned
  • Your portfolio should be filled with what you like not what your teacher's like
  • Healthy tension never hurt anybody
  • Everybody needs to be creative
  • Ideas need to infiltrate pop culture


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