Sundnace 2012 - Part 2

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Sundance was a pretty awesome experience, I can't wait to go next year. The best part about the event was that everyone was involved in making it a great experience for everybody. It wasn't just a festival for film making, it was a festival for the arts. There were a lot of art galleries, photo galleries, and other creative outlets at Park City that added to the atmosphere of the event. I was able to find two original Andy Warhol paintings for sale (about $75,000 each).

The night I saw this was also the same night that I saw California Solo. This was a film about an ex brit-pop star who now works on an organic farm in California. Because of a DUI he faces deportation.

Afterwards I was able to talk to the director about the way that they filmed the entire film. The big thing that I noticed was the consistent shallow depth of field in the film. I was amazed because the focus puller did a good job keeping everything in focus.

What the director told me was that he wanted the film to be from the main characters perspective the whole time. He didn't want to go the route of other directors and shoot from over his shoulder. So he decided to stay with keeping him in focus and everything around him out of focus.

The other thing we talked about was filming on the RED M1 instead of film. He told me that he chose to shoot digital instead of film because of budget reasons. However he explained that he has worked with film before on his last film and would not go back to using film unless he has a 100 million dollar budget.

I feel like that is going to be the attitude of film making in the future, an increased pull towards shooing digital and not on film. Digital is a lot cheaper than film and with new cameras like the RED Epic, Arri Alexa, and Canon C300 digital quality is getting to look pretty good.


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