Getting started as a blogger - Part 1

Friday, February 3, 2012

Everybody out there with a blog wants to drive more traffic to it. Some have the money to pay for it through advertising, others are able to do it through their vast array of social networks, and others can do it because they have been doing it forever.
For those starting out (and primarily with blogs) these are all imposible because:

1. We don't have money to spend on advertising besides the $75 credit we got for free from google adwords
2. Our social media circle consists of our friends, co-workers, and that random 60-year-old guy from Italy who is following us on Twitter
3.We have just started and barely have any content

So what are begging bloggers to do?

Find your niche
The purpose of finding a niche is to find viewers who want to and will come back to your site. Lets say that you have a blog on everything and anything. I get linked there because I am looking fora great peanut butter cheesecake recipe that you posted. I get the recipe and take a look around your site for a second. You have posts about arts and crafts, the recent Republican debate, and weather patterns in Nigeria. I'm only going to come back if I loose the recipe.
If however you are more focused on just food (like Our Best Bites does) I will be coming back to look for more recipes and keeping up to date with your new posts.
Your niche can be as specific as only soup recipes or a little bit broader as a thing like new technology, social media, and film making (like me)
Their are advantages and disadvantages to specific niches and broad niches.
For the soup blogger they will only get people specifically looking for soup recipes. However because that is all they do they are more likely to be found by people looking for soup recipes than if they did all sorts of cooking.
For someone like me I will get a wide array of people coming here because of the wider range of topics. Usually people interested in film making will be interested in new technology and media trends. However people looking to follow filmmakers will probably choose to follow Philip Bloom closer than me (and I don't blame them).
So - choose your niche and market towards them. Remember - it is better that your blog is read entirely by 10,000 people than briefly seen by 1,000,000 people.


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