Pintrest Irregularities

Monday, April 2, 2012

So I have a pretty cool sister-in-law who has this pretty cool (that is if you are a crafty mother) blog called Freshly Completed. She has been blogging pretty avidly since last August and has created a decent following since then just on her blog. In recent months she has branched out to a facebook page and using pintrest.

She started using pintrest because she noticed how many people started pinning her blog posts and then others repinning them. So she signed up and she even got her husband (my older brother) to sign up. They started pinning her blog posts (as did I - even though it took the manliness of my pintrest down a notch or two).

The crazy thing was the respins she received from pinning. And it wasn't from her pinning - it was from her husband. It all started with this blog post about the Perfect Lemonade. She pinned it and got a few people to repin it. Then my brother (who only uses pintrest to pin his wife's blog posts) pinned it and it shot to 100 repins by the end of the night.

I was talking with them and for some reason my sister in law who uses pintrest for everything got only 10 pins. My brother who never uses it got over 90 - in one night. They asked me (as they do with most social media questions) why that was. In fact - I have no idea. I tried to formulate ideas why that would be.

Then to make things crazy my brother (who once again only pins his wife's blog posts) is gettingmore followers than her.

Social media is so cool, but sometimes I can't understand it. The only thing I can do is go with it and try my best to understand it.    


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