The Future of Advertising?

Friday, February 3, 2012

I just saw this posted on a friend's facebook. What starts out as a commercial for bounce dryer sheets turns into a repeat of Old Spice's notorious ads. Funny as always Old Spice did do something new - an advertisement within an advertisement. Even though it was used as a joke may be the future of advertisement.

Collaboration is something I see all the time on blogs and YouTube channels so it wouldn't surprise me if more people went the way of Old Spice and worked with other companies with their advertisements. The path of going with interrupting peoples ads might only have Old Spice walking down it but I can see other ways that people use collaborated advertising:

1. Cereal Commercials
You need to use milk in that ad - will a milk company pay to be the milk used?

2. Any commercial filmed in a kitchen
Whenever a mom opens a cupboard to take out a paper towel to clean the mess a kid made who would pay to be the food in that cupboard.

3. Cell Phones
If you are a cell phone company why not pay to have your new cell phone be the one used by the actors in the commercial

4. Retail stores and Credit Cards
Credit Card companies are always showing people buy things at stores. How about Old Navy fronts part of the advertising cost to have them use the credit card at their store.

5. Beverages of any sort
I have this commercial where people are going on vacation to advertise online hotel deals. Guess what they drink during the entire commercial of their vacation. Your product!

These are just some examples and I am sure that more and more can be done.
So why do I think that this is going to happen? Well the average commercial used to be a minute. Then it got cut down to 30 seconds. Now we are seeing 15 second commercials. We might be able to get a commercial down to seven seconds.

The more and more media is competing for our attention shorter commercials become impractical. However adding spots in commercials allows for us to see the brand more and more without it being forced at us.

With the Super Bowl coming soon maybe we will see more ads like these. If not - I am going to watch the Old Spice commercials again.


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