Seattle Part 2 - Twin Star Credit Union

Saturday, March 10, 2012

This last week I went on a school sponsored internship trip to Seattle to visit companies in the area. We visited a wide range of companies that work in Advertising, PR, and Digital Filmmaking. Over the next days I am going to spotlight each company we went to and what I learned from them.

A photo taken from my hotel room of the REI building in Seattle
After going to High Street Advertising our university group headed on over to the main offices of Twin Star Credit Union. Twin Star is a large credit union in Washington that has their own internal marketing team.

It was interesting to see how an agency works with advertising and then see how a company does it on their own. The biggest difference that I saw was the time. When they needed something done they have one of their designers do it instead of in an agency where they not only have to meet with someone, discuss the project, and then have the agency balance them between their other clients.

The other thing that I liked was how they talked about their use of social media. They used it as a tool for transparncey and also customer service instead of an advertising tool. I agree with using social media that way. A lot of companies look at social media as a megaphone when it really is a two way conversation.

Key points I learned from Twin Star
  • Social media should be used for transparency
  • Marketing should be done with a mix of traditional and new media
  • Internal marketing teams can be faster than outside agencies 

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  1. I am just learning more about some of the seattle credit union since my son works for one. I really liked reading your blog. It was a good article.


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