Seattle Part 4 - Digital Kitchen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This last week I went on a school sponsored internship trip to Seattle to visit companies in the area. We visited a wide range of companies that work in Advertising, PR, and Digital Filmmaking. Over the next days I am going to spotlight each company we went to and what I learned from them.

Photo courtesy of Martin Cathrae
For almost all of the companies that I visited with in Seattle I went with about 15 other communication students from BYU-Idaho. These companies are great - but none of them were related to digital filmmaking. So I looked around on the internet for companies to visit that related to that. A month before I left a friend showed me the demo reel made by Digital Kitchen.
After seeing it I wanted to meet with them and fortunately was able to set up a time to meet with them while I was in Seattle.
When I showed up to their office I instantly stuck out. My school asked that while on the trip we would dress in a suit and tie. Everybody there dressed in a way those who normally wear suits to work would describe as "casual." I would describe it as the way I would like to go to work.
That aside - DK was a very great opportunity to get to see how an interactive digital agency works. Like every agency their are art and creative directors along with people in charge of the finances and I.T.
I asked them what skills they were looking for in candidates. I was thinking they would say After Effects or Cinema 4D. In fact they aren't looking for someone with specific skills in any certain program. They are looking for people who are first and foremost creative. After that they said that it is important to be skilled with video editing platforms and motion graphics software - but they put the emphasis on people who are creative and can bring good ideas to the table.
Key points I learned from Digital Kitchen

  • Creativity is first and foremost
  • You need to have a wide variety of skills
  • If you are creative and have skills - every company in Seattle will talk about you (like every company I went to did)  


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