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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ethics Statement: Tweet Adder is not paying me nor did they ask me to write this blog post.

As many may already know, I run a youtube series and blog called Awkward Moments In Life. Recently I have been trying to increase my social media footprint on Facebook and Twitter. For me Facebook was something easy for me to do. I set up a page and invited my friends and saw my page likes go up.

However twitter was something completely new to me. I had my own twitter but at the time didn't use it that much. The other problem I had is that most people in my social network didn't (and still don't) use twitter.

While trying to figure out what to do I talked with a friend of mine who is the video director and social media manager for the band Waking Jordan.

He told me how he was able to get so many followers on the band's twitter page through a service called Tweet Adder.

Tweet Adder is a software that you can buy from their website for around $50. This software can control all of your twitter functions. But how well does it work?

Well in the past two months I went from 300 followers to over 1,500.

The best part about the service is that there is no catch, hidden charges, or spamming. The idea is pretty simple.

What I did to get those 300 followers was follow about 1,000 people. One third of those people followed me back because they felt that I had something that they would want to stay up to date with. This took a lot of my time and I am not a big fan of following people all day. Also the people that I followed were across the board of interests and not the kind of people who would engage in my theme of awkward moments.

With tweet adder I can search specific topics - #awkwardmoments, #funnyvideo #anythingreally. From there I can follow people who search for those topics and if they feel like I offer good content they will follow me back.

The other best part is the automated tweeting. I never kept up with my tweets and would go a week in between tweeting something. Now what I do is spend about an hour a week coming up with tweets associated with my theme of awkward moments and type them into tweet adder. I then turn on the automation on and Tweet Adder sends out one of these tweets that I wrote every four to six hours.

The biggest thing that I learned from this is that although I am having a machine do a lot of my automation I still have to interact on a personal level. I still have to respond to direct messages, mentions, and tweet on relevant topics of the day.

Overall though - Tweet Adder is a great tool that helps me be more social at a larger level.


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