Superbowl Ads

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Super Bowl happened about a week ago and I still can't stop thinking about a few of their ads. Here were my three favorite ads played at this years super bowl.

1. Chrysler's Half Time Comercial

Chrysler took a big risk running this ad. Most commercials are 30 or 60 seconds, but this commercial was two minutes long. Even though it was two times longer than commercials it was very very well done and impressed me.

2. Chevy Sonic

Who does not like to see a car do a kickflip, bungee jump, make a music video, or parachute? I know I do. The thing that I like so much about this commercial is that it is in my opinion the best multi media ad campaign. Not only was it aired on TV but the TV ad sent you to watch more online. The commercial almost was more promoting you watch the videos online than it was the Chevy Sonic. How effective were the videos online? The music video that OK GO did while driving the Sonic has over 13 millon views after being online for 10 days - not to bad.

3. Budlight/Shazam/Half Time Show

When I first saw this ad I was confused on what I was trying to be sold. Like I said a while ago about joint advertising - this was a good example. It was a bud light commercial with Shazzam telling you about the half time show with LMFAO - or maybe it was a commercial by LMFAO telling you to watch the half time show and shazzam it at the same time. Or maybe it was a shazzam commercial with LMFAO and they were obligated to mention bud light? Who knows - but there were three things advertised in only the space of 30 seconds.


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