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Monday, April 2, 2012

This last weekend I flew to Los Angeles to film my friend's wedding video. I got to the airport pretty early so I waited in the terminal for my plane to arrive. While waiting I started to watch CNN on one of the many TVs in the area.

After a few news stories an advertisement for CNN came up promoting what I thought was a new station. It turned out it was the one I was currently watching.

CNN has created a news channel specifically for airports. This channel plays in big airports and has news that would be important to travelers. This would be weather, flight delays, and an equal balance between hard and soft news.

I also noticed that the ads playing between news segments were different than normal ones. They advertised airline companies and higher end products. I think that the reason why they played a lot of commercials about higher end products is that the majority of people who fly are business men and people who can afford to fly which means they have higher income and would be able to afford these higher end products.


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