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Saturday, October 1, 2011

So I've been getting a lot of people ask me about how exactly I did the time lapse with a Canon 60D using EOS utility.  I thought that today I would show you how to use EOS utility.

First step is to connect your Canon camera to your computer with the USB cord and open EOS utility.

Next get your shot set up.  You can click the live view button and it will show up what your camera sees.  Make sure to set the white balance and focus your image.  Once your image is in focus take off auto focus.  If you don't the camera will re-focus every picture it takes.  In this video you can see how it affects the image.

On the right you'll see that you can adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.  Set it up how you want it and then close the window.
From there you need to specify where it will save each picture you will take on your computer.  This is a great feature because you can take as many pictures as you want (if you have a lot of hard drive space).  Click the folder icon above the the aperture setting to specify the destination.
After that click the time watch icon and this will open up the intervalometer window.  You can specify how often you want it to take a picture and how many pictures you want to take.
If you want a five second clip at 24 fps you will want to take 120 pictures.  If you want to take six hours and make it 10 seconds long at 24 fps you will want 240 pictures, which is 40 pictures an hour, or one picture every 1 minute and 30 seconds. Whatever you want you may have to use some math.
After you have taken all of your pictures you can bring them into Picsa or Final Cut for the video.
Although this works great there are some problems with it.  First off you can't take a picture less than every five seconds.  Secondly it isn't that portable.  I don't like taking my computer around outdoors and setting it up for three hours.  However if you want to do a time lapse video somewhere that you can bring your computer this works great.
Also here is the final video

If you have any questions on how to take your pictures into a video check out the video turorial above for more info.
If you have any other questions leave it in the comment section below or email aspiringfilmmakerblog@gmail.com.


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