Patience as an Aspiring Filmmaker

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I saw this video and had to share it.  If there is anything that I have learned from being an Aspiring Filmmaker, it's that it takes a lot of time and work.  Patience is a true virtue of anyone in the filmmaking industry.  I have been doing this for almost eight years now.  I plan on doing it for a lot longer.

I like what Ira Glass has to say though, stick with it and do as much work as you can.  If not you will never get better.  Instead you'll become what I call the "Nobodys".

What is a "Nobody?"  It is someone who has the skill/equipment/"how to" to do something, but they never do.  You've heard and seen them before.  They have an awesome camera but they never use it.  They have done a lot of test videos but never anything else.  Anytime anyone asks them to film something for them they say they can't do anything for free (I'm going to talk about doing things for free later on) because they are a professional.  

Listen to Ira and don't be a nobody.  Get out there, be patient as you work to improve your skills and talent.

Go out and film.


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