Get In Motion Tour

Monday, September 26, 2011

I just got an email about the Get In Motion Tour.  The Get In Motion Tour is a conference going to 40 different cities teaching people about doing:

-Web Commercials
-Birth Announcements
-Family Films
-Senior Music Videos

You're saying, "Wait, those almost all sound like things photographers do!"  Well you're right.  The Get In Motion Tour is geared towards photographers new to video, but the principals learned will still be useful to an Aspiring Filmmaker.  They plan on focusing on story telling, camera movement, lens selection, audio, editing, and creating emotion.  Those all feel like things I would like to learn.

So it looks pretty cool and I am going to try go.  For $49 also that is a pretty good deal.  I once was temped to go to a conference with Vincent Laforet and Phillip Bloom, but then saw the $750 price tag.  So for $49 I can't complain.


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